Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cheer Up, Sunshine

H&M pale pink knit / Old floral dress / H&M polka dot tights / ALDO oxfords / TARGET crossbody

Updating every so often was a complete fail once I realized that the first round of midterms was approaching. I've been doing nothing but studying and wearing anything comfortable enough to spend hours in the library. In turn, I've been away from most of my social networks for most of February. I did check in my Twitter once in a while but other than that, it felt like I took a really long hiatus. 
With the amount of sunny weather these past few days, I took the chance to take a free day to dress up and relax for a bit. To create the lazy yet still cute look, I just threw a knit over my sundress. Since it's still not that warm enough to be bare-legged, I added on some tights and completed the look with my favorite oxfords. 
With the sudden warm weather, I also couldn't help but grab my favorite drink from Starbucks. Green tea frap with soy and no whip cream, mmm...
Remember to treat yourself once in a while! (Especially if you've been studying too hard ;P)

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Springing Back to Classes

FOREVER 21 striped top / HOLLISTER cardigan / H&M denim jacket / FOREVER 21 floral trousers / ALDO oxfords / NORTH FACE Borealis backpack (not shown)

Life had taken a random swerve that made me stray away from my blog... yet again. But now that all the problems are dealt with, I can now say with confidence that I am back to blogging! Springing back into updating, I am also still getting adjusted to a new semester. With classes resuming once again for the spring, I no longer think that it's winter. Thus, my outfit reflects my mindset with the florals and lighter layers. Originally I was going to head out the door with only my denim jacket and a scarf, if needed, but since I'll be in school until late at night, I decided to throw on a cardigan to layer underneath. I definitely don't want to be in another bedridden state, so I'm staying extra warm to play it safe! The floral print on the trouser caught my eye immediately when I was walking past Forever 21 the other day. Wearing it is also comfy so I was pretty much sold once I tried it on. Besides, I think that it'll be quite a nice addition to my spring wardrobe. 

Thanks for reading! :)